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Time Has Changed Us || @sifusparky

Skoochy walked towards the statue in the middle of Central Station, clutching at his aching stomach, and desperately trying to blink away tears.

It had been two days. Two days of begging and nothing but a defected dumpling thrown his way. He rubbed his arm across his face, smearing snot across his cheek and forearm alike. 

In many ways, he still couldn’t understand what was wrong. His parent’s faces were there, whenever he closed his eyes. So why weren’t they when he opened them?

Skoochy stumbled in front of the statue, curled up on the ground in a fetal position. He couldn’t stop feeling it, the ache wasn’t just in his stomach anymore. It was…everywhere, like his whole body was the shape of his own pain.

He’d passed by this statue enough times to know what it looked like. Even as he clenched his eyes shut, his forehead pressed against the ground, he could still see in his mind the bright flame burning from the palm of the Fire Lord’s hand.

The thought did nothing to comfort him, and the flame itself was too high up to warm him, and he was so cold.

"Spirits," he whimpered, his tears finally spilling onto the ground. "Help me."

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