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First Meet || skoochythevagabond



“What do you mean, my hat’s not working?!” Skoochy hissed, making a flustered grab for his hat back and rustling the bush in the process. “It works just fi—-“

“Hello?! Who’s there?” the Acolyte called out, his focus zooming in on the moving bush. He slowly walked over, peering carefully at it. “Is anyone in there?”

“The feather was sticking out over the top,” Jinora muttered in reply, her hand darting out in an attempt to still the bush. “They’re used to us kids, sure, but they shouldn’t have any idea of us bei—”

She froze at the Acolyte’s voice and glared at Skoochy, meaning for him to do the same. The Acolyte didn’t stop, instead coming even closer with full intent to see what was going on. She needed to act.

Tossing Skoochy’s hat down beside him, she stood up and began to mess with her hair, as if fixing it. “Good day,” she said quietly. “Sorry. My siblings were practicing, and they ended up tossing me in here when my guard was down.”

Skoochy sat back in the bushes, staying as still and silent as possible. Listening to Jinora’s conversation with the Acolyte, he could tell the man was skeptical of her explanation, but didn’t seem bothered enough to check the bushes behind her.

Finally, he shrugged and walked away. When he was far enough, Skoochy slowly crawled out from under the bush and stood up beside Jinora, grinning. “Well that was a close one!”

He nudged her slightly with his elbow, “So, you were saying something about the kitchen?”