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The Spirit World | @thenotsolastairbender





“You can bend in the Spirit World?” Skoochy asked, confused. When he had tried earlier with Kyoshi, the earth hadn’t responded at all to him. As his feet touched the ground with every step, he could almost understand why. It may be holding him up, but it certainly didn’t feel like earth.

Maybe this Splitting Snake River was different.

When the two arrived at Splitting Snake River, Aang could sense the turmoil in the regular world.

“This river is very special. One side is the Spirit World, and the other river flows from back in the normal world. If you go stand on that island over there, you can bend here. See, this river was split by an ancient Avatar just as they were dying and leaving the Avatar State. They made it out in time, but the great explosion of spiritual energy made a tear between the realms. Now a days, people could easily meander into the Spirit World if they were to be meditating.”

Aang then took the average Earthbender stance.

“Now then, let’s see what you’ve got!”

[[Adding the emphasis on purpose, because I have ideas but I need to discuss them with you.]]

Skoochy took an earth bending stance, and seemed just about to make a strike, when he paused for a moment, tilting his head to the side. A second later, he stood upright again, looking straight at Aang.

“So…if this place is the meeting place between the spirit world and the real world,” Skoochy paused, looking at the landscape around him, searching for anything familiar. 

“Does that mean you could take me home from here?”

((Go right ahead!))

Aang paused and took a look around.

“Perhaps. It depends on the conditions in both worlds. I’ll try and check!”

Skoochy watched as Aang went into a meditative state, unsure of what to do himself. But he followed Aang’s lead, and copied his stance, evening his breathing like Jinora had showed him.

He couldn’t say he liked the look of concern on Aang’s face though.