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Brothers (or Less than Blood but More than Law) || @teenmeelo



Skoochy nodded, finishing off the last of his drink. “We need a diversion though, to make sure Jinora and Ikki aren’t in their rooms at the time.” He grinned at Meelo.

“Think you and Rohan could do that, while I switch out their wardrobes. If you come up with something really good, I could even bring Meech along, and we could get the job done faster.”

Skoochy thought for a moment, “Maybe something like…I don’t know. Dragging them shopping perhaps?”

Meelo laughed. He knew taking his sisters shopping was almost like a chore - he hated chores. However, he also knew that it would probably be a legitimate diversion so that the prank can be pulled off.

“I would absolutely have to get Rohan in on the diversion - Jin and Ikki would find it strange if I asked to take them out just by myself. Rohan will make it more like family bonding time. Technically, I wouldn’t have to tell Rohan we’re doing this. He’s been known to be a bit of a blabber mouth.” He laughed again. “What do you think? Should I even tell Rohan about the prank itself?”

Meel took another sip of his drink and cringed again at the taste of it. “Aside from what I just asked, I can definitely take my sisters out. It’s been awhile since we’ve done anything as a family.”

Skoochy shrugged, pushing himself off the wall. “Tell Rohan or not, as you wish. Just so long as you keep Jinora and Ikki out of the house for a while.”

Throwing his drink in a nearby garbage bin—see he could learn some good habits—he turned to Meelo and grinned. “Shall we be on our way then?”