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Jail Break







She placed a flattened palm to the ground. “Seems like it.” She started towards the back of the building. “This way.”

Years later she’d probably still be questioning her judgement in having a child help her break people out of prison. But now, she admired the kid’s determination, and his skill. She silently mused that he’d make a good cop someday. Provided he broke out of this habit of breaking into prisons.

Like you can talk, a voice chuckled at the back of her thoughts.

She metalbended away a section of the wall that she knew led into a small supply closet inside the prison. “Come on, kid. Let’s meet them there.”

Tenzin arrived at City Hall. He talked to each of the councilmen in their offices, trying to convince them to veto the new law Tarrlok had in place, but they would not listen. Finally, the firenation councilwoman told him he would have to fill out the proper paperwork like always and they would talk about it in the morning. Frustrated, Tenzin snatched the paper out of her hand and stormed to his own office. “If that’s they way it’s going to be,” he said to himself, “then so be it.”

He spent an hour trying to fill the form out in a way that would be acceptable to the council. This was his fourth try. All other attempts ended with him incorrectly marking a box or misspelling a title. He heard a small noise at his winder and as he looked up, his pen dragged across the paper, leaving a streak across the paper. He balled the paper up in pure fury and threw it into the waste basket. “This is ridiculous!” he said as he got up from his chair. He was going to have to handle this his own way.

Tenzin took his glider and flew out the window headed towards the police headquarters, and this time he wasn’t going there to talk.

Arriving at the Police Station, Saikhan was already tired, yet the prisoners weren’t going to make his life any easier.

“Put them in Holding Cell Block L.”

“Yes sir.”

Saikhan followed them to their cells and locked each one away, no longer keeping up his uncaring facade.

He paused by the old spot where Lin broke in after the Hot Balloon Incident.

Saikhan placed his hand on the wall, and had a surge of nostalgia.

“Officer Yuun. Go home for the night.”

“Sir, what about the kids?”

Saikhan chuckled.

“Out of all of our prisoners arrested for Equalist ties, I highly doubt the Fire Ferrets and Miss Asami Sato are going to be inciting riots.”

The coast is clear Lin.” he thought to himself as he walked out of the block with Officer Yuun.

Stretching for a moment, Asami glanced out the bared window, an ungraceful scowl settling across her features. From what she could pick up on how Saikhan was handling everything, he must know something that the bending brothers and heiress didn’t know. Pouting and puckering her jutted out lower lip, the non-bender stood up for a moment, leaning closer to the door that locked them in. Sighing softly, her hand drooping away from one of the cold metal bars, Asami hoped to the highest spirits that someone would get them out. Though the driving expert wanted to escape on her own- with the help of the brothers of course- she knew that the officers would be onto the three with a snap of the fingers.

“Korra will come soon, right?” Asami inquired hopefully, turning to Mako and Bolin, sensing the uneasiness in the air. But what if Korra never came? What then?

When they were roughly put behind bars, he didn’t say anything in protest or looked at anyone instead he slumped against the wall and looked down at the ground. He didn’t notice Asami glance trough the tiny window or whatever Bolin’s was doing. 

He sighed and then heard Asami speak, he replied in a flat tone “She would be here by now” He raises his sight to Asami “I don’t think she’s coming” he was hoping she would come and help them but he didn’t hold any hope at least not at the moment, Tarrlok would do anything with his power to prevent it, for who knows what reasons.

He moved his sight between Asami and Bolin “We should just get ourselves out” he said firmly.

Bolin didn’t want to give up on Korra. Wherever she was,and whatever it had to do with her not showing up yet,Bolin was sure there was a reason behind it.”Have faith,bro.” The earth bender got up to move closer to the wall,leaning against it so anyone outside might be able to hear him. “Yoo hoo,let us out please!” He said to any person who may have happened to pass him.”We didn’t do anything wrong,I promise!” 

Besides,if they were to break out,he didn’t even know how to go about it. It was obvious the jail was pretty much made for benders,and Bolin certainly wasn’t a planning sort of guy. In fact,he was pretty much the opposite.

Korra,where are you?

"Yoo hoo, let us out please!" the cry was muted, as if spoken through several layers of walls, but Skoochy could still hear it. Coming up behind Lin, he poked her gently in the shoulder.

"Did you hear that? It sounded like Bolin!" he said, looking cautiously around. He had never seen the police station this dark and empty before. Granted, he didn’t see the police station much at all, but this felt very strange, like something was definitely not right.

It had an air of downright spookiness to it, actually, with no one to man the guards. “Where is everyone?” he whispered.

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