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Jinora was insisting that Katara meet her friend while she was still in Republic City—and as the old woman planned on heading back to the Southern Water Tribe for a much-needed rest in a matter of days, now was the best oppurtunity for such a thing.

“I’m not so sure about this, Jinora,” Katara said gently, allowing the calm, quiety young girl to tug her along. “Who do you want me to meet again?” Her craggy brow furrowed.


Katara’s lips twitched. “That’s…quite a name.”

“You should meet him, Gran-gran. He doesn’t have a motherly figure around to tell him off.”

“Well, in that case, I look forward to it.”Even more so, I look forward to going home.

Skoochy looked up from his usual post at the base of the Fire Lord’s statue, smiling when he saw Jinora approach. He stood up, ready to greet her, but something caught his attention.

And old woman was walking behind her, and seemed to be…following her? That was odd. Whenever Jinora had come before, she had always come alone. Now was she bringing someone with her?

"Who are you?" Skoochy asked suspiciously, glaring at the old woman.