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Skoochy looked down as the shop door opened beneath him, and Mai’s distinctive hair style step out onto the street. He let her look back and forth for him for a second, calling his name loudly before he shouted “Catch!” and dropped the wooden sheep figurine directly over top of her.

“Courtesy of our beloved friend, the shopkeeper!” he said, grinning, before clambering down from the rooftop and meeting Mai on the street.

“So how much did he trade you for?”

As the figure landed onto the ebony locks she held an eyebrow higher than the other. Taking one hand, she reached up and grasped a hold of the hideous thing, throwing it back to Skoochy. Stealing(well from what she could tell it wasn’t really stealing) had never been something she’d thought too much about. She had had the world at her fingertips for the past sixteen years, there was no need to go out and steal something.

Yet it would seem the tides had finally changed—that she would have to steal, much as she had last night. One hand bounced the coin purse in her empty hand, weighing the money, “Not much—about enough to eat and get a couple sets of fresh clothing. We’ll have to use it sparingly. 

“Hmm,” Skoochy said, catching the figurine effortlessly and tucking it back in his shirt pocket. “You could do that. Or you could get one set of clothes, and save the rest of the money for food.”

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and his lips upturned in a devious smile. “Or…CATCH!” And with that, he drew the figurine out of his pocket, and threw it at Mai. He purposely mis-aimed, throwing it not directly at her, but just wide of and above her shoulder. All this was done in the matter of less than a second, barely enough time for Mai to blink.

Even with the sudden toss her reaction was nothing less of spectacular. Her eyes caught sight of the figurine hurling over her shoulder, and in a last ditch effort to save it, a hand reached behind her back. She gave a slight lean, and low and behold the porcelian laid properly in her hands. Her gaze averted to Skoochy then, a evil glare playing in the irises. 

The look was murderous, but her words came out as calm as they usually did, “What are you trying to do? Throwing random things at me is a good way to find yourself pinned to the ceiling.”

Skoochy grinned, a mischievous pleasure glinting in his eyes when he saw Mai neatly catch the figurine. “You got pretty quick hands there, miss. A good eye, too,” he said, chuckling.

Shifting his weight to put one hand on his hip, and looked back at Mai evenly. “So you want more money, do you? Then how would you like to learn the secrets of my trade?”