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Skoochy shrugged off the boy’s hand, still glaring at him. “Why do you wanna know so bad, huh? I bet you’d say you’re not from there, just to get me to follow you.”

Skoochy brushed himself off, trying to make a show of himself but failing miserably.

“Or maybe you’re one of the recruiters for the Triads. Well, I don’t wanna be part of that either. I can take care of myself!” Ignoring, of course, that Mako had caught him barfing up the remains of his dumpster diving.

Yeah, taking REAL good care of yourself there, Skooch. 

Mako cringed at that last part. …recruiter for the Triads. Shaking it off, he once more to talk some sense into the insanely difficult little loud-mouth.

“I’m not gonna take you to any orphanages, or gangs, or any of that shit,” The firebender hated when he cursed, but this kid was really starting to get the better of him. “I’m not going to hurt you, just trust me.”

When the boy didn’t respond immediately, Mako added with slight hesitation, “I swear on my mother’s grave.”

At first, Skoochy wanted to sneer, to blow off this older boy who seemed far too interested in getting him to come with him, and go back to the dumpster where he was sure he had seen a few hunks of only half-moldy bread. 

On any other night, that’s exactly what he would have done. But tonight, fear held him back. He was only a couple nights away from the orphanage, and he couldn’t see a face but for fearing that they wanted to catch him and take him back.

But whatever else this boy was planning, it was unlikely that he was actually working for the police and clearing the streets of orphans. Anything else the boy intended to use him for, Skoochy was sure he could handle…at least until he could find a way to run away again.

Realizing this, Skoochy steeled himself, rolling his shoulders back and jutting his chin forward. “Fine. If you want me so bad, then I’ll come with ya, I guess.”

Mako’s eyebrow twitched a little with agitation, yet he managed to mask his frustration with an expression of cool indifference. “C’mon, this way,” The firebender motioned with his arm, striding away with an expectant nod of his head.

“If we make it back in time I might be able to get Gommu to check out those injuries of yours.” He explained with a slight concern, glancing back to the orphan with troubled eyes.

The boy looked horrible. His arms were littered with scrapes and bruises of various sizes and severity. He noticed vaguely that an arm was still pressed firmly to his side. “What did happen to you kid?” Mako questioned curiously.     

Skoochy followed Mako slowly, keeping well behind him in case he needed to make a run for it. He gripped his arm to his side, hoping to hide the worst scars from his most recent bullying, but even still, he knew his abuse was pretty obvious.

That didn’t give this kid a right to ask about it though. He scowled at Mako’s back, not answering his question for several long seconds. His first instinct was to snap back, tell him to mind his own business in no uncertain terms. 

But this kid was offering him a place to stay, and maybe even someone to help heal all the aching bruises on his arms. So he swallowed pride, muttering through clenched teeth, “…just got out of the orphanage,” so quietly that he hoped Mako couldn’t hear him.

Louder, he said, “So who’s this Gommu character?”