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“Ehehehe…not the first that occurs to you, is it, that I sleep without a roof over my head?” Skoochy grinned.

“I can make a place to sleep pretty much anywhere, but my ‘home’ as much as you could call it that, is Central Station.”

Skoochy looked around, taking note of the road signs and landmark buildings nearby, “Which, judging from where we are right now, is a pretty long walk.”

Thin eyebrows furrowing together for a split moment before creasing upwards, the heiress nodded her head, ‘Yes’, leisurely, still in disbelief at the fact that the boy lived all by himself. Emerald green eyes gazing up at the sky, watching it start to darken, Asami pursed her lips, turning back and glancing down at Skoochy.

“Well, if you live all the way at Central Station, then we better get a move on before it get’s too dark.”

Taking a few steps forward, the non-bender paused, thinking intently. “If you don’t mind if I probe a little bit Skooch but… how… how long have you lived like this? All by yourself…”

Skoochy laughed, a surprisingly light-hearted sound coming from someone like him. “I don’t live by myself. I have the gang with me. They’re real pals, even if they’ve all got huge stomachs,” he smirked a little at that, but the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

"Before them, I had Mako and Bolin, you know, the Fire Ferrets? They helped me out when I was really little." Skoochy put his arms behind his head, leaning back slightly and smiling in a half-reminiscent, half-pondering way. "I’ve never been on my own for very long."

His face fell slight, and his arms dropped to his sides. “At least, not in a long time, anyway.”