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“Whooooa,” Skoochy said in awe, interested mainly in the boomerang. Clubs and knives were all well and good, but he’d already seen them before.

But boomerangs, that was something completely new. It wasn’t often people in the city carried anything other than a basic blade to protect themselves with. Everyone else depended on their bending.

“Can you teach me how to use it?” he asked, excited.

Sokka smiled and held out the boomerang holding the edge. “Yeah. Alright the key here is the flick of the wrist. You want to keep your arms at an angle and flick your wrist. To get it out in the air. then you wait for it to come back. ” He turned and gave it to the young man.

“Flick the wrist, flick the wrist,” Skoochy muttered to himself, taking the boomerang from Sokka’s hands. Facing down the empty alleyway, he flung the boomerang as hard as he could, and watched in excitement as it flew through the air…

And fell to the ground.

“Isn’t it supposed to come back, though?” Skoochy asked, looking at Sokka.

“You have to throw it at an angle. Arm curved, and flick your wrist. Throwing it with an arc. Throwing like a ball won’t make it come back.  Go on and try again.” He smiled and the boy.

Skoochy nodded, pulling his arm back into an arc, like Sokka said. With a loud yell, he let fly, putting more force into the throw than was perhaps necessary.

The boomerang looked like it was going to come back too, until it hit a wall and fell to the ground. Skoochy glared at the offending object, his breath coming in hisses. Before Sokka could do anything though, Skoochy stalked forward, and picked up the boomerang.

Arm’s in a curve, flick the wrist, I’m gonna get this, he thought, and threw the boomerang once more.

It made a sweeping curve through the air, making a wide circle until it returned close enough to Skoochy that he could grab it. he reached up to catch it, but missed the handle by bare inches, and got nicked by the blade instead.

"Ow," he winced, but looked up at Sokka and smiled, "But I got it!"