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Skoochy stepped forward, placing his hand on Jinora’s shoulder. “You talk too much,” he said, smiling softly at her. With his other hand, he reached up, wiping the tear out of her eye.

Leaning down, he closed his eyes, placing his lips gently over Jinora’s, and kissed her. He let that last moment, of his lips puckered against hers, linger, until he slowly pulled away. 

Jinora hadn’t time to react to Skoochy’s soft touch upon her shoulder before his other hand dabbed the tears trembling in her eyes. She took in a quick breath, the familiarity of his soft, worn skin sent tingling shivers through her flushed cheeks.

Her fingertips rose to push him away, it was all too soon, yet in that instant his lips met hers. In that instant, she forgot about pushing him away, she forgot about their scars, all she could remember was how much she loved Skoochy as she kissed him back.

As he slowly drew away, Jinora’s eyes fluttered back open, her cheeks still glowing. She noticed that as they had kissed she had risen to her tip toes, and was now awkwardly teetering without him in front of her to support herself. Stepping forward to regain her balance, she pressed the back of her pale palm to her cheek, convinced they must be the color of her cloak. “Skoochy..what…” her breathy voice wavered as she looked back to the earthbender, still speechless. 

“I always figured…you’d grown tired of me,” Skoochy said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I didn’t really question it because, who wouldn’t grow tired of me after a while, you know?” 

The ground was just really interesting right now. That’s all.

“I’ve had…other girlfriends, since you left. Kinda comes with the business, you know. But I still…” he coughed nervously, “missed you.”

“I never grew tired of you,” she responded softly, trying to catch his dark, shifting eyes. It hurt that he thought she had grown tired of him. Had she really shut herself off that far? She wondered as he glanced down at the ground. 

He had had other girlfriends, like she’d expected when they had broken up. It would be easy for him to find someone new, as for herself, Skoochy was her first and only boyfriend. Still living on the island it wasn’t as easy for her to meet others, and ever since they had broken up she was less outgoing while in the city. It still hurt a pinch, to think that other girls had probably worn his faded hat, that they had embraced him just as she used to, yet she resisted the urge to say anything of the sort. “I missed you too, the whole time…” she breathed, looking directly at Skoochy, her deep eyes steady. 

“You…you don’t have a girlfriend right now, do you?” She added after moments of silence, biting the inside of her bottom lip. 

Skoochy shook his head slowly, only looking at the ground. “No. The last one, she was kinda a gold-digger. She left after she realized I didn’t have a whole lotta money to give.” Skoochy shrugged and gave a light chuckled. “Kinda surprised she ever came to me in the first place. Musta been the office or something.” 

He coughed, remembering who he was talking to. “But um, yes. I am single, now.”

And very much alone.