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The grin slowly slipped off of Skoochy’s face, as he stared down at the ground, shuffling his feet nervously.

“I-I guess you could say that, sir.”

This was awkward for the boy and him; he could tell, but he did his best to be patient and give the young lover a chance. “Well, if you decide you do want to pursue things,” he said, trying to stay composed, “I just ask that you keep her safe and you do not leave the island with her without my permission.” Better to have found out this way than to have found out another, he thought to himself. “…Thank you for being honest,” he added.

Skoochy chuckled lightly, the snarky grin returning to his face as he looked up at Tenzin.

“Actually, she’s the one who usually leaves the island to meet me. Costs money to use the ferry you know.”

He hoped she wouldn’t get in trouble for that.

Tenzin’s ears flushed at the news of what his daughter was doing without him knowing. “Son, I will personally pay for your fare anytime if it meant knowing you two were where I can keep an eye on you,” he said. “I will have a talk with the captain.”

Tenzin would be sure to have a talk with Jinora before bed. He trusted her, but he didn’t like knowing that she felt she needed to hide this from him.

“You are welcomed to have dinner with us sometime,” Tenzin offered, keeping a stern look.

Skoochy chuckled, his face brightening considerably. “Heh, you sure about that, mister? You’ve never seen a street urchin eating before, have you? Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.”

Skoochy leaned back slightly, adjusting the angle of his cap. “And you could pay me for ticket fare all you like, but I don’t think that’ll stop Jinora from comin’ to the city, ya know?”