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Open RP: Business Time





It wasn’t something that many people noticed, under the scruffy mustache and slim goatee, or behind the fedora hat that overshadowed most of his face, but puberty had treated Skoochy fairly well. While he lacked the child-ish cuteness that he used to have, he regained it all back and then some with charisma and general attractiveness, a sort of…winning charm that was absolutely necessary for trading information in the underground. But it had other perks besides that. Skoochy was never at a loss for a broad down who wanted some steamy fun to warm his bed every night.

Right now though, Skoochy was sitting in the dark corner of a tiny room, which could only be described as long-neglected of anything resembling care. His “office,” as he liked to call it, was pretty well out of the way of the more…reputable areas in town, but those that needed to talk to him somehow always found a way to find him. Besides, he liked his little room. It had atmosphere, history, personality. Kinda like him. He took a quick swig of sake from the bottle sitting on the corner of his desk, and placed his feet on top of the desk, one over the other. Just the right levels of smoke and shade, he thought. It set the mood for many a professional discussion.

Speaking of such things…there was someone rapping at the door right this very minute.

“Come in!”

Suki walked in, confused as to what she was doing here, or why they sent her to him, but they said he was the best there was.

She had brought enough yuans to get his help, she hoped. She really needed this, she just hoped that he would take her work.

“Hello there, my name is Suki.” She bowed to him.

“Well well,” Skoochy leaned forward, grinning widely. “Lookit what the cat dragged in today. You’re a pretty little lady, if you don’t mind my saying.”

He stood up, reaching forward to shake Suki’s hand. “The name’s Skoochy, but I figure you probably already knew that, considering you found my…humble abode.”

He sat back down, gesturing to a seat across from him. “So, what brings you to my side of town?”

Suki walked closer, sitting down. She hadn’t known who the man sitting before her was until he said his name. 

She had been getting trouble recently, and her friends had told her where to go, but they hadn’t told her why. She didn’t even know why she was here herself, but she had guessed this man, Skoochy, would be able to help her figure out.

“Well…” She tried not to sound like a lost puppy, “I don’t exactly know why I’m here, which is what I’m guessing you can help me with.”

Skoochy leaned back, smirking at the woman in a not-so-subtle way. “Well now, I can’t really help a lady who doesn’t know what she wants, now can I?” 

"You know," he said, observing Suki closely, "You could just say it, if it was my good looks that brought you here. No need to hide behind these mysterious ‘friends’ of yours." Skoochy chuckled. "You certainly wouldn’t be the first dame to admit that."