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Bolin loved walking some of the old places he and Mako used to live at. One key place was the location where Skoochy hung out. Skoochy was like family to the brothers.

“Skoochy! I haven’t seen you in awhile!”

Skoochy looked up from where he had been sitting underneath the Zuko statue, and smiled to see Bolin approaching. “Hey Bo!” he stood up, walking over to give him a giant hug.

He pressed his face into Bolin’s chest, “I heard you got captured by the Equalists. Glad to hear you’re okay, bud.”

Bolin ruffled Skoochy’s hair.

“Yeah well, thanks to kick butt Korra and Mako, it didn’t last for long! How’s life going for ya out here? Pabu missed your hat.”

Bolin yanked the hat off of Skoochy’s head and set it on the ground, and immediately Pabu  charged to rest inside of it.

"Hey!" Skoochy shouted as his hat disappeared from his head. "That isn’t a monkey-rat bed!" he chuckled, unable to stay mad at Pabu, or Bolin, for too long. 

He leaned back on his heels, petting the fire ferret absent-mindedly. “I can’t imagine what it must have been like…almost having your bending taken away. What is Amon like, up close like that?” he asked, his voice softer, more thoughtful now.