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Sparks shot through his body, awakening every nerve and setting them screeching in pain. He jerked wildly, his body wracked with spasms, teeth shuddering out of control. 

He screamed, a wail like it was ripped from his soul. Betrayal. He had loved her, trusted her, and this is what she did to repay him.

But the pain was only temporary, momentary even, before Skoochy slumped to the ground, unconscious.


She’d known what she was doing. She’d had the resolve to do it; had promised herself that if it ever came to this, she would complete her job with no hesitation.

But now, actually seeing him on the ground before her, unconscious by her own hand, Jinora broke. Choking back a sob, she ripped off the still-potent gauntlet and threw it down beside her as she fell to her knees.

“Hey, hey, Skoochy,” she whispered urgently, shaking him, trying to make him wake up and tell her that she hadn’t messed up, that he was still okay. But he didn’t move on his own. He didn’t try and pull something over her head again. He didn’t do- anything.

Jinora did something, though.

Jinora cried.

[[Gonna do a tiny bit of god-moding while I’m unconscious. Don’t worry, I won’t control you, just the environment a bit.]]

A masked face appeared from the shadows behind where Jinora was kneeling beside Skoochy, her tears dripping on his face.

"You have done well, recruit," said a low, anonymous voice from behind the mask. He reached out a hand, resting it gently on Jinora’s shoulder, showing some small margin of kindness. "Go on home and rest. The first mission is always the hardest. Don’t worry about the boy, I’ll get him back to headquarters."

The man lifted Skoochy up like a sack of potatoes, carrying him over to where his motorcycle was waiting, parked in the alleyway.